“American Lotus” Published

American Lotus,” winner of the 2018 Kithara Prize, has just been released by Glass Lyre Press.

Once inside the rooms of these poems, deep images, sly rhythms and musicality reward close reading… —Nina Dellaria, Co-Founder & Editor of Bird’s Thumb

Kevin Casey’s latest full-length collection is available at all major book retailers, and through the publisher:

| Amazon | Glass Lyre Press |

Review copies available upon request.

Publication Notes…

Convergent Evolution” will appear soon in The Cape Rock, and The Midwest Quarterly has accepted “Hillbilly AC” for publication. “Right of Way” was accepted for publication by Really System, and Contemporary American Voices has chosen to publish “On Goya’s ‘Fight with Cudgels’,” “Ember Garden,” “Guidebook Entry: Inventing Magenta,” “Wood Chip Trailer Sonnet,” and “Church Steeples.”

Also, Ink Pantry will be publishing “Quotidian,” “Dinner at the Kitchen Island,” “Allowance,” and “An Idea of Summer,” and I’ll be doing an interview with editor Deborah Edgeley for that edition, as well.