Poetry in Print

Poems of mine which have appeared in print over the last year, more or less

“I’ve got some bad news…” Grasslimb 2014
During a Midday Break from Hauling Wood Whistling Shade 2014
Late Winter Nocturne The Cannon’s Mouth 2014
Lincoln Green Milo Review 2014
Oak Point Afternoon Petrichor Machine 2014
Reading the Night Sky Boyne Berries 2014
The Flooded Cellar Hartskill Review 2014
The Working of Things Westward Quarterly 2014
Climbing an Abandoned Ski Mountain San Pedro River Review 2015
For William, Upon Finding a Snake Egg The Altar Collective 2015
Poaching Silkworm 2015
September Sea Glass Euphony Journal 2015
Spring Cleaning Silver Apples 2015