Online Poems

A selection of poems from the last year (more or less) appearing online…

“The wind considers everything — ” Poetry chapbook from Flutter Press

“The Walled Garden” at Red Eft Review

“Arguing Over the Definition of ‘Several’” at Pretty Owl Poetry

“Poem in Which My Neighbors Have to Rake All My Leaves” at Pretty Owl Poetry

“Suburban Choka No. 4” at Wild Violet

“Flight Lines” at Wild Violet

“Late and Soon” at Big River Poetry Review

“Pallbearer” at Panoplyzine

“The Fallen Barn” at Rust + Moth

“Cold Harbor Light” at Gyroscope Review

“Wishbone” at Kentucky Review

“Late Night, Late March” at 99 Pine Street

“At the Museum Gift Shop” at Apeiron

“ Cleaning Out the Cultch Drawer” at Green Hills Literary Lantern

“Canoeing at Night” – at The Bond Street Review

“Ode to the Green Line” at Ithaca Lit

Interview at The Ohio Vintage Matchbook Company [archived]

“The Neighbor’s House” at The Ohio Vintage Matchbook Company [archived]

“A Wasp Nest in the Bird Feeder” at The Ohio Vintage Matchbook Company [archived]

“Kennebec River, Sapling Township, Maine” at The Ohio Vintage Matchbook Company [archived]

“A Child’s Psalter” at Digital Papercut

“A Shared Bearing” at Menacing Hedge

“A Thing Slips Away” at Menacing Hedge

”And waking…” at The Penmen Review

“April’s Sun” at Mouse Tales Press

“Brigid Brushing Her Hair” at Futures Trading

“Burnt Houses at Menacing Hedge

“Confirmation” at Amarillo Bay

“Crabapples” at Lines + Stars

“For the Sake of the Sun” at Vayavya

“Fossilization” at Words Dance

“Gleaners” at Stickman Review

“Hancock Point, Early Autumn” at Three Monkeys Online Magazine

“I Wrote this Note to You” at Red Booth Review

“Late Winter Prelude” at Stickman Review

”Lincoln Green” at Milo Review

”Lupine Field: Moosehead Lake” at Small Print Magazine

“Morning on Otter Pond” at Orange Room Review

“Night Sounds, Early Summer” at Menacing Hedge

“Nothing Useful” at Futures Trading

“Once the Rats Came” at Kudzu Review

“Salamanders” at Turtle Island Review

“She Arranges Her Day” at Frostwriting

“Shore House at Winter” at The Monarch Review

“Sorry to Part” at Menacing Hedge

“The Carnival Worker’s Prayer” at Silver Birch Press

“The Cellar’s Reckoning” at Three Monkeys Online Magazine

“The County of Rain” at Three Monkeys Online Magazine

“The Last Time We Drove Out to the Lake” at  *82 (Star82)

“The Last Toy” at Three Monkeys Online Magazine

“The Ocean at Night” at Futures Trading

“The Office Scarecrow” at Angle Poetry

“The Snapping Turtle” at Angle Poetry

“The Weight of Our Stars” at The Penmen Review

“The wind considers everything —” at Vayavya

“Thunderheads” at decomP

“Tinnitus in February” at Front Porch Review

“Wood Stove Starling” at Blue Lake Review

“Cutting Grass” at Crack the Spine