Recent poetry acceptances….

…for the last month or so include Razor Literary Magazine (“Washing Up”), Bird’s Thumb (“Carelessweed (Amaranthus palmeri)”), London Journal of Fiction (“’Man Drowns In Cruise Ship Pool’”), Black Fox Literary Magazine (“Sunday Evening Ironing”), Blueline Literary Magazine (“Water Finds its Own Level”), Dappled Things (“The Tarn”), The Emerson Review (“The Kitchen Snake”), Gulf Stream Literary Magazine (“Through an April Window”), and Calamaro Magazine (“Self-Portrait: Camera Obscura”).

The Chiron Review

… has published the likes of Hugh Fox, Charles Bukowski, and Quentin Crisp, so perhaps their editorial standards have relaxed a bit of late, since they’ll be publishing “Upon Disturbing a Mouse Nest in the Woodshed,” “Sisyphus in the Great North Woods,” and “Lost and Found” later this year 🙂